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Types of Wheatgrass Seeds and Kits | Wheatgrass.org

Types of Wheatgrass Seeds and Kits

Wheatgrass growing kits can contain seeds, soil, growing trays, organic fertilizer, instructions, and even juicers to make growing your own wheatgrass as fruitful as possible.  To grow wheatgrass at home, you’ll need to sprout, grow, and harvest wheatgrass.  There are different products that help with each step of the process.

Wheatgrass seed can be found in the grocery store, the garden store, or by mail-order. It is important to get the right kind of seed. Wheat berries from the grocery store are meant to be cooked and eaten. Wheat seeds from the garden store are often meant to produce wheat, not wheatgrass. Buying organic wheatgrass seed from a source meant to produce wheatgrass will allow you to be certain you’re getting the best product for your purposes.

Some growing kits contain sprouters. Sprouters are either used to help germinate wheatgrass seeds before they are put into the soil, or they can take the product from seed to grass on their own. Bag sprouters allow you to germinate wheatgrass seeds before the planting process. Electronic sprouters germinate seed and then grow the wheatgrass in the same container, automatically. They give a uniform, high-quality product with little work. Electronic wheatgrass growers produce a higher-quality product than you can get from working by hand because they control the amount of humidity the seeds are exposed to. This takes mold, over-watering, and under-watering out of the picture to produce perfect sprouts every time.

For the novice wheatgrass user, learn how to grow wheatgrass from seed using a simple kit. When you are familiar with the process, move on to more specialized methods of producing wheatgrass. No matter what your knowledge, there is a way of growing wheatgrass that fits your budget and experience level.


Written by S.Kumar

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  1. sabin says:

    Hi Kumar,
    Thank you for the info. Please let me know where in (or nearby) Mysore I can get organic wheat grass seed


  2. David says:

    I get mine from ebay organic and cheap!!! I get this new stuff from kamutjuice.com where i don’t have to grow
    or juice ever again!!!! It Kamut strain wheatgrass juice “powder”

  3. Lucy bwala says:

    Can one get wheatgrass by planting wheat seed ?

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