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What are Possible Wheatgrass Side-effects? | Wheatgrass.org

What are Possible Wheatgrass Side-effects?

Detoxification is a normal response to beginning any health program that involves a change in nutrition. Introducing nutrient-dense foods into a diet that was previously rich in junk foods will usually cause some symptoms. Wheatgrass is nutrient-dense and has been reported to cause side-effects when taken at high dosages. This should not deter consumers from using wheatgrass. The health benefits greatly outweigh the inconveniences.
When implementing a wheatgrass regimen, a consumer can experience any of these wheatgrass side-effects: nausea, diarrhea, change in stool color and consistency, change in body odor, change in breath odor, slight hair loss, eczema, and aversion to certain foods. These wheatgrass side-effects can seem daunting; enough that a consumer might not begin using wheatgrass at all. This would be a mistake.
To understand why, it is important to understand the process of detoxification. When a person changes their diet or begins to exercise, the body begins to get rid of toxins. These toxins should not stay in the body, and they only have a few pathways out of the body: the skin and the digestive tract. The wheatgrass side-effects experienced when starting wheatgrass are not adverse effects from the supplement itself, but are examples of a healthy body that is finally able to get rid of toxins. Keep taking the wheatgrass, and the symptoms will go away.
If the wheatgrass side-effects are too much to bear, you can cut down on the amount of wheatgrass you are taking, change the type (go from fresh to freeze-dried, for example), or take it on a full stomach instead of an empty one.
Wheatgrass causes these side-effects because it is a natural inducer of detoxification. Studies have shown that wheatgrass may be able to increase blood flow and volume, increase energy, and even detoxify the body of heavy metals.
Written by S. Kumar
Copyright 2010 www.Wheatgrass.org



  1. joey karch says:

    Would drinking wheatgrass juice regularly cause a person to be deficient of certain minerals?

    • v.Balaji says:

      Anyone can take [over 3 years] wheat grass juice one time a day regularly for without any problem. If affected by any problem they can take two or three times a day. per time 100 ml ordinary water + 5 gm. of wheat grass powder.
      Its contain minerals, vitamins, amino acids, calcium, fiber, etc… Wheat grass chlorophyll contain sufficient of Antioxidant with alkaline based food. So that initially its purifying our blood [removing the toxins], and supplying the oxygen into the body cells.[increasing the immunity{energy}].
      If the minerals or vitamins are deposited the body by taking the vitamins foods naturally it will come out from the body through sweating, urinary and gastro intestinal track.
      message by
      V. Balaji, Wheat grass Powder Dealer……………… cell: 9884438553, 7845680215.
      mail: veebalaji4u@gmail.com

      • K.Srinivasan says:

        which is the best efffect for body either grass powder or fresh grass juice. Kindly inform the rate of your product and where it is available.And also to know that is there any reverse effect,and dosage of your product for consuming. thank you.

  2. Neera says:

    Can U tell, how much wheat grass powder to take ?
    Any limitations ?
    What’s the process ? Where to buy ?
    Pls. explain in detail.

    • v.Balaji says:

      Hi Neera,
      This is V.Balaji, Wheatgrass powder dealer, Chennai.
      Dose & How to drink the Wheatgrass Juice:
      Take 5gm. of Wheatgrass grass powder for one time and mix it with 100ml. of ordinery water[not hot condition]. Drink it in empty stomach or half an before food for one or two times a day[mor or eve].
      Sip the wheatgrass juice and maintain the mouth some minite before drink. That time wheatgrass energy level is multified.
      message by V.Balaji…………………………………………………..Thank you.
      If need Girmes Wheat Grass Powder…………………………please conduct cell: 9884438553, 7845680215.
      mail: veebalaji4u@gmail.com

    • pk says:

      doesn’t matter
      you can take it in morning time everyday

  3. Raquel berry says:

    Is this good for people with diabetes?

    • v.Balaji says:

      Yes it is good for diabetes patients because its contain natural insulin. Pancreas organ is not produce the insulin or sufficiently. That time insulin shortage is present into the body. Wheat grass juice is balancing that problem because its contain “NATURAL INSULIN”.
      Also wheat grass juice is protect the pancreas.
      Wheat grass juice is helps to avoid the side complication of diabetes.
      If any detail of wheat grass conduct.cell: 9884438553, 7845680215.
      mail: veebalaji4u@gmail.com

  4. Jan McDonough says:

    I have celiac disease, so I cannot eat wheat, rye, or barley. I assume wheatgrass is wheat. Am I right? Thanks

  5. denice says:

    Is this good for people with chronic kidney problem??

  6. jahnavi says:

    Which part of grass is used for juicing. Is it just the blade of grass or the whole is to be used with the white root.

  7. Tejaswi Trivedi says:

    I have very dull skin and dark circle, I also have grey hair, My age is 32 yrs, Can wheat grass help and how should I start?

  8. Madhu madan says:

    Where can one get wheat grass in Delhi n Mumbai ?

  9. rajeev khanuja says:

    can we take wheatgrass juice mixed with carrot,tomato,lemon juice etc?

  10. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for the information on side effects. I’ve been juicing fruits and veggies for over a year and recently found some freash wheatgrass and decided to give it a shot. This is our second week of using it and I’ve been feeling nauseaus, but I couldn’t figure out why? I knew it was something in our juice but the only thing different was the wheatgrass. Now I know what’s causing it! I plan on sticking with it until it stops since usually I can get rid of the nausea by eating something.

    Thanks again, great information on wheatgrass! I’m glad I decided to add it into our breakfast juices!

  11. Sharif Ahmed says:

    Does the wheatgrass process with root or without root?

  12. Tina says:

    I am new to wheat grass. Can anyone tell me if it can be taken if you are allergic to grass??

  13. chandraprakash says:

    Can any one tell wheather it help in reducing cholestral.

  14. Lethabo says:

    Is it safe to take wheatgrass while taking anti-depressants?

  15. Tiffany says:

    I have been taking Wheatgrass for a while but never on a regular basis. I started taking it everyday this week and all of a sudden I have a horrible cold! Could this be a detox effect? I never get colds I am super careful!

  16. Mary says:

    Dear sir

    I am a thyroid patient for 14 years but under control with medicine.recently I am having too much hair fall.
    Can you advice me about wheatgrass juice how much I should take and from where do I get this product in dubai


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